It Was Me And You

When you're close to tears remember,
someday it'll all be over.
One day we're gonna get so high.
Though it's darker than December,
what's ahead is a different color.
One day we're gonna get so high.

And at the end of the day remember the days,
when we were close to the end,
and wonder how we made it through the night.
At the end of the day,
we remember the way,
we stayed so close to the end,
we'll remember it was me and you!

Cause we are gonna be forever you and me,
you will always keep it flying high in the sky of love.

Don't you think it's time you started
doing what we always wanted?
One day we're gonna get so high.
Cause even the impossible
is easy when we got each other.
One day we're gonna get so high.

十年前在喧鬧的晚上認識這首歌。沒入音樂和吵鬧當中,一次又一次,這首歌在耳邊響起。我不認識主唱的Lighthouse Family,單純被那把醇厚的聲音吸引。聽得多,找來歌詞,一知半解,隱約覺得,在開心的拍子下,有種揮不去的慘,和虛無。



為了最初聽到的Interplanetary Disco Mix,千方百計找來有著四個不同版本的單曲。聽著聽著,卻發現,最愛原來的版本,那慢下來的節奏,感覺更濃烈。


〈High〉,收錄於Lighthouse Family 1997年專輯《Postcard From Heaven》。

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  1. 匿名10:42

    好surprised 香港有人鍾意Lighthouse Family! 我都是在英國讀書時認識佢地. 我最鍾意'Lost in Space' 的acoustic version, 聽了令人感覺很舒服!


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